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This range is like wax in your hands

Already since 2009,  Linvest GmbH and Parchvale Ltd. have a close and trusting partnership. On behalf of the English company, we sell their waxes – the so-called Glissawaxes – in the Benelux countries and in Germany.

The entire range of these micronized waxes can be used in a variety of applications.
These includes, vor example …

  • coil coatings
  • liquid & paste inks
  • metallic inks
  • powder coatings
  • waterbased coatings
  • wood finishes
If you have very specific requirements for a wax, Parchvale Ltd. can develop this for you. In this way, your wishes can be preccisely considered and implemented, for example with regard to :
  • abrasion resistance
  • gloss control
  • rub resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • slip control

Our most important waxes and their most important property: they are available from stock

Glissawax FT7
 Spray micronised polyethylene with an average particle size of 4-6 microns, for general use in liquid and paste inks for standard substrates (paper, cardboard, polyethylene and tranparent films) giving rub- and scratch resistance.

Glissawax PSF-7
Air-sprayed micronised polyethylene wax with an average particle size of 7 – 9 microns, widely used in paste and liquid ink formulations for gold and silver printing inks and has least effect on the gloss.

Glissawax TP151SF
Spray micronised hard polyethylene wax with an avarage particle size of 4 – 6 microns. This wax is used for hard finishes as a substitute for polypropylene, where high resistance properties are required.

Glissawax Extra
Mixture of polyethylene wax and PTFE, used where slip is controlled and greater resistance properties are needed. It is used for more difficult substrates such as nitrocellulose film, aluminium foil and hard plastics. The PTFE in the formulation provides excellent scratch and rub resistance.

Glissawax Plus
Similar type als Glissawax Extra, with slightly different specifications for the same applications.

Glissamide Wax
Polyamide wax, which can be supplied with various particle sizes and meltingpoints used in highbuild formulations. This was is used for primers and intercoat compatibility in powder coatings.

Glissawax CP20
Mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene wax, used as hard finish and when a dull gloss is needed. This was has a very good scratch- and abrasion resistance. It is used in liquid and paste inks, as for example hard finish on metal containers (beverage cans).

Glissawax Carnauba
Carnauba waxes can be supplied with various particle sizes and melting points.

From FT7 to CP20, here is it all as pdf

Here you can download an overview of the complete Glissawax assortment.
For further specifications on individual products, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you already have concrete ideas, we would be happy to make you an offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our alternative for wax is … wax

If you need other waxes, we can also supply the following types or from other manufacturers …
  • amide waxes
  • gum rosin
  • montan waxes
  • natural waxes
  • polymeric waxes
  • polyolifin waxes (PE or PP, polar or non-polar)
  • specialised waxes

All these waxes are generally available as micronized powder, granules or as flakes.
We look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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