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Our way forward and other moving moments


February 2018

Linvest celebrates its 10th anniversary.
game đánh bài baccaratLiên kết đăng nhập


December 2016

The new internet site of Linvest GmbH goes online!

November 9th, 2016

Dirk de Wit is celebrating his 50th birthday.

July 2016

Linvest GmbH becomes the official representative of Omega Plasto Compounds in the Benelux countries and in Germany. On behalf of the Indian company, we are now selling Polycom modifiers for plastics and processing aids for PVC.

January 10th, 2016

A moving moment: David Bowie, one of my heroes, died today. I am grateful that he lives further with his music.

January 2016

We closed 2015 as the best year in history of our company. Thanks to better prices for their desired products, many customers know us as a fair partner.

January 2012

We completed the year 2011 with pleasingly positive figures.

August 2011

Thanks to the support of various Western European suppliers, the range of plastics is expanded. These include engineering plastics, as well as products like ABS, PE, PP, PC, PA, …

August 2010

In cooperation with a large European supplier, Linvest GmbH is expanding its range with masterbatches.

February 2009

Linvest GmbH and Parchvale Ltd. begin their close and trusting cooperation. On behalf of the English company, we are now selling waxes – the so-called Glissawaxes – in the Benelux and Germany.

March 2008

From now on, pearlescent pigments are an integral part of Linvest’s product range.

February 2008

Linvest GmbH becomes official representative of Dugdale Ltd. in the Benelux countries and Germany. On behalf of the English company, we are now selling a complete range of PVC compounds.

January 2008

Linvest GmbH is founded in Salzbergen, Germany.


Dirk de Wit, owner and CEO of Linvest mbH, is a textile engineer. It all began in 1990 with the study of Business Management at the High Technical School H.T.S. “De Maere” in Enschede with a focus on textile. Mr. De Wit then attended the university, faculty of Economics and Business, in Groningen, which was successfully completed in 1993 with a doctor’s degree.
After his study, hegained his experience in the companies Chemolanda B.V. in The Hague, the Netherlands (from 1995) and Chemolanda s.a.r.l. in the French Noyant (from 2002).

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